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Native Wisdom

Inspiration and wisdom from the First Nations



O Great Spirit

help me always speak the truth quietly,

to listen with an open mind when other's speak

and to remember the peace that may be found in silence.

-Cherokee Prayer-


Love your life, perfect your life,

Beautify all things in your life.

Seek to make your life long,

and its purpose in the service of your people.

-Chief Tecumseh-


O Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the winds,

I come to you as one of your many children.

I need your strength and your wisdom.

Make me strong not to be superior to my brother,

but to be able to fight my greatest enemy: Myself.

- Chief Dan George-


A very great vision is needed,

and the man who has it must follow it....

as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.

-Chief Crazy Horse-


Honor the sacred.

Honor the Earth, our Mothers.

Honor the Elders.

Honor all with whom we share the Earth:-

Four-leggeds, two-leggeds, winged ones,

Swimmers, crawlers, plant and rock, people.

Walk in balance and beauty.

-Native American Elder-


Lokota Instructions for Living

Friend do it this way - that is,

whatever you do in life,

do the very best you can

with both your heart and mind.


And if you do it that way,

the Power Of The Universe

will come to your assistance

if your heart and mind are in Unity.

When one sits in the Hoop of the People

one must be responsible because

All of Creation is related.

And the hurt of one is the hurt of all.

And the honor of of one is the honor of all.

And whatever we do effects everything in the universe.


If you do it that way - that is,

if you truly join your heart and mind

as One - whatever you ask for,

that's the Way It's Going To Be.

-Passed down from White Buffalo Calf Women-


There is a road in the hearts of all of us, hidden and seldom traveled,

which leads to an unknown, secret place.

The old people came literally to love the soil,

and they sat or reclined on the ground with a feeling

of being close to a mothering power.

Their teepees were built upon the earth

and their altars were made of the earth.

The soil was soothing, strengthening, cleansing and healing.

That is why the old Indian still sits upon the earth instead of

propping himself up and away from its life giving forces.

For him, to sit or lie upon the ground is to be able to think more

deeply and to feel more keenly.

He can see more clearly into the mysteries of life

and come closer in kinship to other lives about him.

-Chief Luther Standing Bear-


"When you were born, you cried

and the world rejoiced.

Live your life

so that when you die,

the world cries and you rejoice."

-White Elk-